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My name is Paloma Aguirre and I am running for City Council in Imperial Beach

I am a first generation native Californian and the proud daughter of Mexican immigrants who waited tables for a living.

I’ve been fighting tooth and nail to improve water quality in Imperial Beach for the last twelve years. I do it because I believe that access to clean water is a right that all of Imperial Beach residents should have. As a councilwoman, I’ll keep working with state agencies across the border to improve their wastewater infrastructure and stop the tsunami of sewage spills once and for all.

I have first hand knowledge of how government works. I spent a year working for United States Senator Cory Booker, helping him develop bills to reduce trash in our ocean, and help minorities improve their math and science skills.

My priority will be to continue to promote economic growth in a sustainable way, where the benefits remain in our community, while still finding solutions to keep housing affordable.




Imperial Beach has been closed a total of three years of the last ten. Hundreds of IB residents have fallen sick, our children can’t play in the water, and our local economy suffers because of beach closures. I find this unacceptable. As a councilwoman, I’ll continue to work with state agencies across the border to improve their wastewater infrastructure, replace the completely outdated Punta Bandera sewage treatment plant, and fix once and for all the PB-CILA pump station in order to stop beach closures in Imperial Beach. My bilingual and bicultural experience give me the ability to work across the border.



Sixty eight percent of Imperial Beach households are renters. More than half of those renters are considered overburdened.  I will fight to make sure we pass ordinances that will help lessen the burden of renters while still ensuring we continue to develop our city in a sustainable way. 



My priority is to make sure families, children and seniors can walk or bike our beautiful city, ensuring we have safe crosswalks, sufficient lighting and clean streets. Providing great quality of life for all IB residents is one of my top priorities.



"I have worked with Paloma over the last 10 years to clean our beaches and to improve water quality in the Tijuana River.  She has been a tireless advocate for the health and safety of Imperial Beach residents, working at local, state and federal levels to address these issues.  With her Master's in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, she is able to contribute factual analysis to bi-national discussions and knows how to approach complex issues in a practical manner - working with diverse interests to develop workable solutions."

Denise Moreno Ducheny

Former State Senator & Imperial Beach Resident

"As a veteran, an environmentalist and a public servant, I’m thrilled to endorse Paloma Aguirre for Imperial Beach City Council. Paloma and I share the same values that called me into public service – protecting our environment while paying special attention to the marginalized communities that are hit the hardest by climate change and environmental injustice.   Fighting for democracy means fighting for every voice to be heard, including IB's active duty military and veterans. Paloma is the leader I trust to cut through the noise, support the community I adore, and to hit the ground running once elected. The future will inherit the decisions of the past. It’s time for the future to weigh in, now."

Mark West

City of Imperial Beach Councilmember and Navy Veteran

“Paloma is the right choice for Imperial Beach City Council. As councilwoman, I’m confident she will be an exceptionally strong voice for all IB residents. Her wealth of experience and diligent work ethic make her uniquely qualified. She has my strongest support and full endorsement.”

Congressman Juan Vargas (D-51)

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